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Discover assets and liabilities at the click of a button with Trustate

Experts use Trustate to take their estate service to the next level. We work with you and your current tools to make estate tasks easier than ever.

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How to get started after signing up

Add a new client in the portal

Input client Information

Just add the the client's basic info like name, recent address, etc.

Upload securely

Upload Important Documents

Upload important legal documentation as prompted. Ex: Letters Testamentary and Death Certificate for a decedent, or a government issued ID for a living client.

Trusuite Tools Results

Run Search and View Results!

Run the search and view all your results. We can help you discover family members, accounts, and much more.

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The easiest way to administer an estate

Comprehensive searches on every estate, all in one easy to navigate dashboard

Trustate’s “Trusuite” of tools are built with your practice and clients in mind. Our tools will deliver accurate results about an estate so you can focus your time on sophisticated legal work rather than administrative tasks.

Comprehensive nationwide searches of:

• Name and Alias history
• Current and former employers
• Property history (including rentals)
• Open and closed loans
• Open and closed credit cards
• Bankruptcy history
• Bills in collections....more coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Trustate's Trusuite asset and discovery tools?

Our software was built by lawyers for all trusts & estates professionals.

How will this software integrate will my practice?

Our software is web-based, so there is no need for installation or complicated integrations. Simply create an account, and start using the tool.

How does Trustate have access to this data?

We have formed exclusive partnerships with global data companies in order to provide our clients with the most current and accurate data about the deceased.

How much does it cost?

Our pay-as-you-go model allows you to pay per search. Our current pricing is $99 per search which includes; Name & Alias history, Property history, employment history, bankruptcy history, outstanding loans and other liabilities.

How secure is this platform?

Our software is built on the best in class platforms with the highest security standards in place. In addition to our secure platform, we have implemented a 3-step verification process to ensure the security of the deceased's data.

Should I create a firmwide account or user-based account?

In order to maintain the highest level of security, it is recommended that each user creates their own account. Because our model is pay-as-you-go, your company is only paying for the searches ordered, not by user.

Will there be access to more data in the future?

Yes. Over the next few months we will be rolling out even more data, including a more robust detailing of the decedent' s assets.