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Focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us.

Supporting your clients during difficult times can present many challenges. Let us handle estate administration, so you can focus on building a relationship with the next generation.

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Account Retention

When a client passes away, accounts are often closed and moved into an estate account elsewhere. We help you retain those accounts by centralizing the estate administration process at your institution.
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Enhanced Client Support

People remember who supports them in times of crisis. We provide you with customized services that help your clients navigate through the most difficult period of their life without adding additional time or overhead to your business.
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Accelerated Business Development

Keeping up with your clients’ needs can hinder your ability to build relationships with the next generation. We accelerate that process by helping you quickly build trust and rapport.
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Enhanced Revenue Stream

We let you focus on your business by taking non-essential services off of your hands. We also provide you with additional revenue streams through customized channel partnership agreements.

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