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Step-up in Basis - What is it and how does it work?
Ann Clogan
A beneficiary who inherits an asset from an estate must take into account how the inheritance impacts their own estate from a capital gains tax liability perspective. Fortunately, the United States currently permits what is known as a “step-up in basis,” which helps alleviate potential income tax burden on a beneficiary.
My Spouse Died With A Digital Wallet - Now What?
Asaad Faquir and Tara Faquir
As more people are investing in digital assets the prospect of people dying while owning digital assets is a reality.
Probate vs. Estate Administration; What's the Difference?
Leah Del Percio
Generally speaking, probate is simply one small part of an estate administration.
‘Tis the Season to Empathize with Your Clients
by Trustate
Navigating the holidays after the death of a loved one is never easy. Not only do the emotions impact your clients, but they also can impact you. Here’s to mindfulness all around.
Was there a COVID-19 related death in your family in 2020-21? Get funeral expenses reimbursed by FEMA.
Leah Del Percio
FEMA has agreed to supplement funeral expenses for COVID-19 related deaths. Continue reading to learn more.
Lessons Learned from the Trustate Toolkit
Tara Faquir
What I like most about the Toolkit is it allows me to feel in control and organized by categorizing recommendations by type, including recommendations for planning, property, relationships, etc. Thanks to the Trustate Toolkit, I'm pleased to report my husband and I are now moving in the right direction and tackling our estate head-on.
Who should you tell about your estate plan?
Jenna Mendelsohn
No one should be left making estate administration decisions on your behalf or trying to guess your end-of-life wishes regarding your estate simply because they do not have the correct information. While some of the contents of your estate can remain a mystery until after you pass, consider letting these four people in on your not-so-secret wishes.
How to Talk about your Will with Family
Leah Del Percio
Earlier this week we covered whether or not you should discuss your estate plan with friends and family. Here, we explain how to do it most effectively.
Should my Will be kept secret?
Jenna Mendelsohn
When to involve others in your estate planning.
15 Items to Gather After a Loved One Dies
Leah Del Percio
When someone passes away, it is common to feel overwhelmed and not know where to begin. In this post, we break down exactly what items you might need at first to begin opening the estate.
An Unexpected Loss with an Unexpected Experience
Tara Faquir
What happens when you try to secure property and in turn, it backfires?
In Case You Missed It: What do I do with the car?
Jenna Mendelsohn
We prepared four straightforward guides for handling, distributing, and inheriting a car.
How to sell a car directly from an estate
Jenna Mendelsohn
Learn how to sell a car directly from an estate.
How to distribute a deceased person’s cars to an estate beneficiary or heir when the decedent is the sole owner
Jenna Mendelsohn
Learn how to distribute a car through an estate to a beneficiary.
Lost Car Title? What to do when you can’t find your Certificate of Title for a car owned by an estate
Jenna Mendelsohn
Inheriting a car but can't find the Title? Check out our guide on what to do.
How to Transfer Car Titles to a Surviving Joint Owner
Jenna Mendelsohn
Joint Car Title? In this post, Jenna tells us the best way to transfer a car to the surviving owner.
What to do when someone dies
Jenna Mendelsohn
Opening and managing an estate after your loved one dies is daunting. Download our free 20 page resource and learn how estate administrators and executors can handle the process with less anguish.
5 Surprising Facts About Estate Administration
By Leah Del Percio
Settling an estate is a complicated process. Read these 5 facts before you get started to avoid common mistakes.
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