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Trustate’s easy-to-use estate administration tools allow you to quickly and correctly administer an estate, at the click of a button without any additional costs to you.


How we can help.

Illustration of estate administration items like a credit card, house, and assets.

Full Estate Administration

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Trusuite Tools

Trusuite Search Tools

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The Easiest Way To Administer An Estate

Trustate Does the Work For You

From nationwide asset and liability searches to account closures and vehicle transfers, we complete all of the administrative tasks for you for one flat fee.

Trusuite Search Tools
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Save Time, Save Money

Traditional estate administration methods are inefficient and negatively impact your billable hours and client relationships. Our tools mitigate risk, increase your billable time and create a better client experience.

Asset and Expense Guidance

  • Locate and consolidate all assets and liabilities
  • Notify and negotiate with creditors
  • Prioritize and payoff expenses

Vehicle Guidance 

  • Transfer of car titles and leases
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Closing of Accounts

  • Stock Transfers
  • Investment accounts
  • Bank accounts
  • Utilities
  • Credit cards
  • …and much more

Record Keeping

Thorough estate bookkeeping provided for:
  • Executors
  • Their trusted advisors
  • Beneficiaries
  • Courts