Who We Are

Leah Del Percio

Leah Del Percio

Founder and CEO


Tara Faquir

Tara Faquir

Co-Founder and COO

Grace Easton

Grace Easton

UX and Graphic Designer

Jenna Mendelsohn

Jenna Mendelsohn

Director of Client Engagement

Headshot of Patti Casazza

Patti Casazza

Sales Executive

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Mike Kruckenberg

Head of Engineering

Jon Phillipps

Lead Engineer

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About Trustate

Did you know the average executor devotes more than 500 hours of their own time and $10,000 settling an estate? Doing this in the middle of a loss can be overwhelming and doing this for a client can be just as challenging. Estate administration is not simple and there are ins and outs we've learned over decades in combined experience. The reality of most estate administration is a universal truth of most things: it can be done far more efficiently by a more experienced team.

We have decades of experience in estate law, complex tax planning, and social work. A proven track record of successfully administering hundreds of estates.

Trustate was created to help executors and the professionals that serve them navigate the complex and stressful process of settling the estate of a loved one, regardless of circumstance.

A grandfather and grandson looking at a computer smiling.

Our Mission

Death is not easy. The loss of a loved one, a client, a friend can be hard to bear. We know this and are bound by the common experience that we have all lost someone and will lose someone again. But like life, a hard thing doesn't always have to be a hard thing. Our mission is simple: to be the compassionate expert, to understand that this "estate" was a person. It was a father, a mother, a client.

We never forget that.

Our mission is to make real estate administration easier.