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Why Trustate?

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Explore why Trustate is the trusted choice for tech-driven law firms and wealth managers for trust and estate administration. Our platform streamlines processes for professionals of all sizes, from solo practitioners to large trust companies. Are you ready to join the Trustate Revolution?

Our Solution

Did you know the average executor devotes more than 500 hours of their own time and over $10,000 (not including legal fees) to settle an estate? For attorneys and other trusts and estates professionals, helping clients through this difficult time can be challenging, time consuming and a drain on resources.

Enter Trustate, the world's first estate operations platform that automates 85% of the tedious tasks associated with trust funding and estate/trust administrations. We are saving professionals countless hours of unbillable time so that you can focus on what matters most, your clients.
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Our Mission

Ease the burden of managing estates.