Trust Funding made easy.

Trustate offers automated trust funding in an easy to use platform.

How does Trustate's software make trust funding easier?

You've handled the planning, let Trustate take it from here. Our trust funding platform means you can rest easy knowing your clients' trusts have been properly funded.

Our software is designed specifically for trusts and estates professionals. Select the type of trust, type of asset(s), and have the opportunity to review all funding requests before finalized.

Trust Types

Trustate's software can assist with several types of trusts including, but not limited to:

Revocable Living Trust
Irrevocable Trust

Asset Types

Trustate's software assists in the transferring/retitling assets into the trust including, but not limited to:

Investment Accounts
Life Insurance
Bank Accounts
Real Property (including preparing and recording deeds)

Other Trust Funding Tasks

Let Trustate assist with other tasks associated with trust funding including, but not limited to:

Crummey Letters
Obtaining Trust EIN
Beneficiary Designation Forms
Opening a Trust Bank Account...and more.

How does trust funding work with Trustate?

Trustate Makes it Simple

Select the type of asset
Our planning platform has an entire phase dedicated to trust funding. Select the asset(s) and quantity from our list of tasks.
Provide Necessary Documentation
Documentation that is necessary for Trustate to complete these tasks include, but are not limited to certificate of trust, account statements, etc.
Review Prepared Documents
Forms and documents necessary to the task assigned will be uploaded to your vault for your review.
Trust Funding Complete
Trustate will complete the process with the institution and update you accordingly.
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"Outstanding concept and process. Extremely helpful and simple to follow. I wish this was around years ago."
Harry Fry, Trustate Customer
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