Case Study

Meet the Hoffmans

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Susan and Bart Hoffman were happily married for 40 years when Bart passed away. Together, they had two children, Hillary and Kyle. The Hoffmans were considered a close-knit family and got along well with one another. Grief and heartache aside, the family had many unanswered questions surrounding their family estate and finances, as Bart always kept track of it and safeguarded their important documents.

Before his passing, Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman discussed their during-life wishes, funded their retirement plans, paid off their home, and accumulated a sizable amount in savings. In addition to their joint accounts, together they owned their home, a ski house, cars, a boat, and held joint accounts, or so they thought.

How could Trustate make a difference for the Hoffmans?

Read through the following scenarios to find out.

Scenario 1: What happens without Trustate?

After Bart passed away, Susan was so overwhelmed from the loss that she put off anything related to Bart and his estate. Years later, Susan fell ill and passed away. She was confident her daughter would handle the estate administration with ease. Hillary, however, had no idea what she would uncover in the process. Not only did Hillary need to administer her mother’s estate but realized before she was able to close out her mother’s estate, she must also open and administer her father’s estate from 7 years prior. To do so, Hillary had to obtain her father’s death certificate and probate his will.
Hillary also uncovered the following issues:

Scenario 2: What happens when Trustate steps in?

Susan had difficulty coping with her loss. Hillary contacted Trustate on behalf of her mother, who was the named Executor, to seek advice on moving forward with Bart’s estate. Trustate acted swiftly and connected with Susan right away. Following the initial phone consultation, Susan completed an intake survey, was set up with an online portal, and paired with an Estate Concierge who would become her main point of contact throughout the administration.
Though Bart had his affairs in order before his death, Susan did not realize all the tasks that still lay ahead. Thankfully, Trustate was ready to help.

Additional Value

Several years later, Susan began receiving letters in the mail from old creditors demanding payment for old bills. She contacted Trustate and after careful review, our experts concluded these bills were far past the limit creditors have to collect a debt against a decedent's estate and advised her not to respond.
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