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By embracing our cutting-edge trust and estate automation tools, your firm can set itself apart, solidify its reputation for excellence, and increase revenue.

One dashboard. All of your estates...

Collaboration is key

Your firm is collaborative, and so is Trustate. Delegate and manage estate tasks seamlessly.

Assign estates to team members
Assign estate-specific tasks to team members
Instantly integrate important tax filing deadlines to your calendar
Learn which tasks have been completed at a quick glance
Task progress tracker shows you how much more work is left to complete in each matter

Check more tasks off your list

Streamline your workload with pre-populated task workflows, add deadlines to your calendar, and complete tedious tasks through Trustate's task automation system. Check!

Use Trustate's task automation system to:

Close and transfer accounts
Prepare and record deeds

View All Tasks

Fund client trusts
Open estate checking account

Explore Trust Funding Tasks

Asset & liability results in a few clicks

Our proprietary technology and partnerships with global data providers means you are getting accurate, real-time discovery for your clients.

Bank accounts
Bankruptcy history
Retirement accounts
Employment history
Life Insurance
Name and alias info
Property history

Estate Balance Sheets that are *actually* helpful.

Instant calculations and accountings for both planning and administration clients.

Calculations: Estate tax, principal + income, and more
Organizing & Tracking: Color-coded asset categories, track probate vs. non-probate assets, and more
Collaboration: Work with team members and clients
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