Trustate Video Demo

Sections & Summary

Login and Initial View (0:00):
After logging into Trustate, the home screen provides an immediate overview of estate projects and a task overview.

Estate Projects (0:20):
This section showcases every estate the user collaborates with Trustate on. Each estate is paired with a “point person” column, enabling users to assign specific team members to projects.

Task Overview & Task Statuses (0:39):
Displays metrics on tasks including those remaining, in progress, and those completed by Trustate. For in-depth insights, users can click the “assigned task” button, detailing all tasks assigned to Trustate, their status, and any associated notes.

Workflows/Matter Types (1:22):
Trustate presents three specialized prepopulated dashboards with task lists that you can customize to your firm. Highlights for all matter types include customizability, integrated tax deadline calculators, and collaborative tools to assign tasks and run searches:
1. Truadmin - Trust and Estate Administration: Focuses primarily on post-death settlement work.
2. Truplanning - Post-planning Operations: Focuses primarily on trust funding.
3. Truproxy - Guardianship and Power of Attorney: Focuses primarily on when you are advising the fiduciary of an incapaticated person.

Task Automation System (2:38):
Trustate’s standout feature, it lets users assign tasks to Trustate directly. Identified by navy blue buttons, it showcases tasks Trustate can autonomously manage. Upon user approval, Trustate guarantees task commencement within 24 hours.

Search Capabilities (3:52):
Ranging from instant searches like “Trusuite Search” to specialized ones like bank account or retirement account searches, Trustate’s extensive search functions are bolstered by partnerships with global data providers. Results detail information such as name histories, employers, property details, liabilities, and more.

Estate Vault (5:26):
Every client matter has a dedicated vault with two main sections:
1. Uploads: A user-controlled section where pertinent estate documents can be uploaded.
2. Requested Documents: Managed by Trustate’s concierge team, this section holds documents needing user review or action.

Trust Funding Module (7:17):
Trustate assists significantly in trust funding processes. Users can assign tasks, like retitling investment accounts, to Trustate through easy-to-identify action buttons. Trustate manages the process end-to-end, including prefilled paperwork, client signatures, and finalizing with the institution.

Plans and Pricing (8:38):
Trustate’s flexibility is evident in its pricing. Users can opt for monthly or annual plans. The primary differentiation is the volume of tasks users anticipate delegating to Trustate’s automation system. The annual plan notably offers a 15% discount and gives users a bulk allocation of tasks upfront for the year.

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