What can Trustate do for you?

Trustate's automated estate operations platform
means you can increase your efficiency and your

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Discover asset & liability data in a few clicks

Trustate delivers accurate, real-time results though our proprietary technology and partnerships with global data providers.

Bank accounts
Bankruptcy history
Retirement accounts
Employment history
Income history
Life Insurance
Name and alias info
Property history

Expertly tailored estate workflows

100% of firms who use Trustate's task assistance have reported increased bandwidth, making room to serve more clients.

Pre-populated workflows for every estate type
Collaborative -Share amongst team members, and clients!
Tax deadlines integrate directly to your calendar
Create and add your own tasks to customize each workflow to your firm

Check more tasks off your to-do list

Task automation with Trustate means less time completing documents, and more time working on sophisticated matters.

Over 120 automated tasks
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Trustate's document library generates and completes institutional forms and letters for your review and approval
Color-coded status tags for at-a-glance updates

Fiduciary accountings at the click of a button.

Trustate's estate balance sheet with instant accountings means you can now calculate estate assets and liabilities in an easy-to-use, collaborative, secure environment.

Estate tax calculations in one button click
Collaborative environment
Secure and easy-to-use

How do I get started?

Trustate Makes it Simple

Enter firm information and a valid email address to get started.
Enter Estate Information
Add basic information about the estate; name, recent address, etc.
Your Dashboard is Ready!
View tasks, run searches, and store documents all within each estate’s dashboard.

Explore Our Pricing

Trustate offers affordable pricing plans for all types of firms. We give you the flexibility to incorporate our tools more predictably and easily into your practice.

"Outstanding concept and process. Extremely helpful and simple to follow. I wish this was around years ago."
Harry Fry, Trustate Customer
5 star review

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