Instant accounting

Estate balance sheets that are *actually* helpful.

Estate tax calculations and fiduciary accountings for your planning and administration clients.

Fiduciary accountings at the click of a button.

Trustate's estate balance sheet with instant accountings means you can now calculate estate assets and liabilities in an easy-to-use, collaborative, secure environment.
Estate Calculations

Instant calculations

  • Income + Principal
  • Estate Tax
  • Taxable + Non-Taxable Probate Assets

    .....and more.

Leave the *multiple* spreadsheets behind.

Trustate's estate balance sheet feature with collaborative, real-time changes means everyone is viewing the most recent version.

Share with your team and your clients.

  • Teams can easily edit, add and track assets and liabilities in one secure environment.
  • Grant sharing access to your clients so they can review entries.
  • Collaborative, real-time changes.

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