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Trustate offers affordable pricing plans to meet the needs and budgets of all types of firms so that you have more flexibility and can incorporate our tools more predictably and easily into your practice.

BONUS: Annual subscribers get tasks front-loaded.

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BONUS: Annual subscribers get tasks front-loaded.

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Tailored Estate workflows

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Pay Annually, Save 15%


PAY MONTHLY, $299/mo




Pay Annually, Save 15%


PAY MONTHLY, $499/mo


Pay Annually, Save 15%


PAY MONTHLY, $1,599/mo









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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial period or money-back guarantee for the subscription?

Trustate's plans are month to month, so if you do not find value in the software you can cancel at any time.

How do I sign up for the subscription pricing plan?

To sign up for a subscription pricing plan, click the 'get started' button, above, and you will be directed to our sign-up page. Simply pick the plan that is right for you to begin.

What payment methods are accepted for the subscription?

For month-to-month plans, a credit card is needed for payment. For an annual contract, a credit card is preferred but other forms of payment can be accepted if arranged in advance.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time, and how do I do it?

Yes, for month-to-month plans you can cancel at anytime. Simply navigate to your account settings at the top right of your dashboard. Select 'Account' from the dropdown list. From there you will be able to manage your subscription. Please note that if you cancel your account and want to sign up again at a later date, you will have to pay the implementation fee again upon signup.

Is there an automatic renewal for the subscription, or do I need to manually renew it?

Your subscription will be automatically renewed for the next billing cycle. If you would like to cancel your subscription, you will need to do that before the next billing cycle as not to get charged. To learn how to cancel your subscription, see above.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription level at any time?

Trustate's plans are flexible and will allow you to adjust your plan to better suit your changing needs. If you have paid in advance for an annual plan and wish to upgrade, please reach out to a Trustate team member who can help adjust your plan.

What is the implementation fee for?

The implementation fee covers the costs of logistically adding a firm to our platform, and the technology costs to upkeep that firm in our system, as well as the live support and onboarding and training sessions we conduct with all new firms on the platform.

What does the 'number of assigned tasks per month' mean listed in each plan?

Each of Trustate's plans come with the flexibility to offload tasks via Trustate's task automation system which will save you substantial time. Each plan allows you to assign a certain number of tasks through our system at no additional charge. For a complete list of tasks we can assist with, click here.

Can I really add an unlimited number of estate matters to Trustate's platform each month?

Yes! Many amazing features of our platform are for you to use at anytime, as often as needed. Our goal is to make estate operations easy for you, your colleagues and your clients.

Can I really have unlimited use of Trustate's expertly tailored workflows?

Yes! Many amazing features of our platform are for you to use at anytime, as often as needed. Our goal is to make estate operations easy for you, your colleagues and your clients.