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Check more tasks off your to-do list

Task automation with Trustate means less time completing documents, and more time working on sophisticated matters.

Over 120 automated tasks
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Trust funding at the click of a button
Color-coded status tags
for at-a-glance updates
Eliminate tedious tasks
Reduce unbillable time
task workflows

Expertly tailored estate workflows

100% of firms who use Trustate's task assistance have reported increased bandwidth, making room to serve more clients.

Pre-populated task workflows
• Customizable
• Integrates with your calendar
• Calculates tax filing deadlines
expert-level estate operations guidance

Task automation
• Assign tasks to Trustate for correct and efficient completion
• Work begins within 24-hours of submitting a task
Full list of tasks completed by Trustate
Client support
• On-demand support so you have the help you need, when you need it

Discover assets & liabilities in a click

Delivering accurate, real-time results though Trustate's proprietary technology and partnerships with global data providers.

Bank accounts
Bankruptcy history
Retirement accounts
Employment history
Income history
Life Insurance
Name and alias info
Property history
instant fiduciary accountings

Estate balance sheets that are *actually* helpful.

Estate tax calculations and fiduciary accountings for your planning and administration clients.

Instant estate tax, income and principal and probate and non-probate asset calculations
Export accounting summaries into your format of choice

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Enter Estate Information
Add basic information about the estate; name, recent address, etc.
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View tasks, run searches, and store documents all within each estate’s dashboard.

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Trustate offers affordable pricing plans for all types of firms. We give you the flexibility to incorporate our tools more predictably and easily into your practice.

InterActive Legal is highly selective in choosing partner organizations to recommend to our valued subscribers. After a successful vetting period, we are pleased to introduce our subscribers to Trustate for their all-in-one estate management platform for trusts & estates practitioners.
Matthew Tove, Director Marketing & Sales at InterActive Legal

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